Thursday, August 9, 2012



A sage once said “without continuous improvement we cannot exist”.Th e human race has always evolved, across different spheres, there has been improvement and advancement, if you doubt it, look into the world of technology and you will see what I am talking about.

As Humans we need to constantly reinvent or recreate ourselves. This can be achieved by the way of continuous self development and improvement, after all, the room for improvement has been said to be the greatest room in the world. I will list here areas or tips to achieve this.

Move up your knowledge bank. There is one thing you are inclined towards, or most times one thing you excel at is the knowledge bank on such and you will become the go-to person in that regards. The golden lines opines that ‘Wisdom is the principal thing and in all you get get Understanding so’ So must you seek ‘ knowledge’ like ‘a lost treasure’ I was amazed to find that Bill Gates, one of the world’s topmost billionaires enjoys reading tons of books and shares what he reads on his website. Be open to learning

Invest in your personal development. I do not mean be a self-help junkie, however, more often than not, self help books will do you a whole world of good. Read books and materials on positive thinking and goal setting. Set out on a journey of personal discovery; know what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can leverage on your strengths and master the weaknesses.

You can surround yourself with the best minds. We all know that most times the people who get the best deals weren’t always the smartest, most times they have happened to be around the smartest people, and ‘iron’ most times sharpens iron. Create the relationships you want around you.

Brand: We all know how great organizations will spend a fortune to build, promote and protect their brand. So must you also build, promote and protect the ‘ brand YOU’ and if you care to know a good packaging and core values like honesty and integrity will do a whole world of good in building you a veritable brand.

Skills: The leverage of skill cannot be over emphasized. I once dealt with this at length when I discussed five great skills that will change your, A man may lose his clothing but he rarely loses his skills. Get the right skills you need to survive. I will recommend you start by increasing your reading speed! And off course your comprehension along the line.

Become a citizen of the world: by this I mean you should learn a new Language, go where you have never gone before, and appreciate other people’s cultures. Become a citizen of the world. I once heard a report that says the human brain by design is capable of speaking …about 13 languages. You can learn a new language today; it is never too late to set out to be bilingual or even multilingual.

I gathered from a credible source about Mark Zuckerberg’s (founder of face book) resolve to dedicate an hour a day to learning Chinese.

Join the greatest Partnership: The greatest partnership you can form is the partnership with the creator of the whole wide universe.The greatest power in the world is God's power.Seek God,search,connect and partner with Him,His great power is the ultimate means of bringing to life a new YOU!

There are no hard and fast rules to reinventing yourself, you might want to take a trip, invest in a relationship, take a new course or learn a musical instrument. Whatever you do, take a step forward, do what you have never done before, go where you have never gone before and achieve what you have never achieved before.

Whatever you do, don’t only be yourself but be the very best God has designed you to be.

Go and Achieve Greatness!

Your greatfriend,

Emmanuel Ayeni


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