Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rehearsals and Great Performance

I have been working with my mentors and speaking coaches for about a week now concerning my next Speech Project; Vocal Variety. Vocal variety is the 6th  Speech Project in the Competent Communication Manual of the Toastmasters International.
These team of wonderful people who despite their busy schedules have taken out time to help hone my speaking skills and bring me to an alignment with my gift and  message;  This got to its peak in a 2hours rehearsal two days ago, all in readiness for a 7-minute speech. Their selfless effort and dedication emphasizes to me the invaluable need of a great rehearsal. Rehearsals are necessary for great performances.
A great performance  by a great Opera usually will take minutes but little or nothing is usually known of the days and hours of preparation that produces  a great performance.

Every great performance is achieved by a great team. Just like singing, speaking also shares a lot of similarities with such performances and the best rehearsals are those done in a group or supported by a team of people.

A reflection on this evinces the need for proper preparation and effective team work for the success of any endeavour. While I hope for my best performance so far, I won't stop pushing the frontiers of my improvement.

Keep improving!

Emmanuel AYENI
Life coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur