Saturday, August 26, 2017

Book Review : The One Minute Manager

I love to read and beyond reading, I love to share what I have read with friends and people in my space.
Writing good book reviews is one good way to share some value. It helps me solidify lessons learnt and scale it up by sharing and teaching it to others.
Lessons from  One minute manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.
The aim of the book is to help more people enjoy more success with less stress, it illustrates with a story how people work best with people from studies in medicine and behavioral science. lessons and excerpts from the book.

'The essence of knowledge is , having it, to use it"- Confucius 

'People who feel good about themselves produce good results'
One minute manager notes that productivity equals quality and quantity of work done, quality is simply giving people and organization the product or service they really want and need.
One minute goals lessons from the one minute manager , only spend more time with subordinate only at the beginning of a new task or responsibility for one minute goal setting.

The first foundation for one minute management is one minute goal setting.
Behavioral patterns : What is happening in observable ,measurable terms.
A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening ..
You need to get out of where you are and start solving your own problems...

One minute Goal setting is simply...
1. Agreeing on your goals
2.Seeing what good behavior looks like 
3. Write out each of your goals on a single sheet of paper using less than 250 words
4. Read and reread each goal
5. Take a minute every once in a while out of your day to look at your performance
6. See whether or not your behavior matches your goal
Instrumental to the one minute management tool kit is the one minute praisings. It helps people reach their full potential, catch them doing somehting right.
Let your people expect feedback on performance and let them know you want them to succeed, feed back helps them succeed .
keeping and sending records of progress helps assessment
'The more consistently successful your people are, the higher you rise in the organization.
The one minute praising work well when you 
1. Tell people upfront that you are going to let them know how they are doing
2. Praise people immediately
3.Tell people what they did right- be specific
4.Tell people how good you feel about what they did right and how it helps the organization and other people who work there.
5.Stop for a moment of silence to let them "feel" how good you feel
6. Encourage them to do more of the same
7. Shake hands or touch people in a way that makes it clear you support their success in the organization.

Obviously a one minute manager becomes the best trainer of people.

The thirds secret shared by the successful manager is the one minute reprimand which is boiled down into 2 parts the first half and the second half.
It really works when you let people know beforehand that you are going to let them know in no uncertain terms how they are doing.

# Reprimand people immediately 
# Tell people what they did wrong and be specific about it
# Clearly tell people how you feel about what they did wrong
# Stop for a few seconds of uncomfortable  silence to let them feel how you feel 
The second half of this reprimand is,
# Shake hands or touch them in a way, that lets them know you are honestly on their side
# Remind them how much you value them
# Reaffirm that you think well of them but not of their performance in this situation
# Realize that when the reprimand is over it's over.

You are more likely to do something when you realize the "Why?"
The minute a leader spends is the minute spent in investing in people,the Author noted  "most companies spend 50%-70% of their money on people's salaries.
And yet they spend less than 1% of their budget to train their people . While others spend more on building and equipment than on people"
# everyone is a potential winner some people are disguised as losers, don't let their appearance fool you.
# When managing people behavior and worth are not the same thing. People are aware can think for themselves and do not want to be manipulated.

One minute manager is a good read that illustratively shares effective people management tips which will work with a good action plan and results tracking system. 
The book notes 'Goals begin Behaviors and consequences maintain behaviors' 
Keep rising to greatness

By Emmanuel Ayeni

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