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About 30 days ago I took it on myself to begin a 30 day blogging challenge on this blog. I decided to blog and share every day , here are a couple of lessons I learnt from the experience. What more is there to do than to share the lessons and move on to another challenge- a 30 day gratitude challenge!

First, Enjoy the lessons!

1. The Universe loves consistency: Everything in nature has been designed to be consistent. We have always had nothing short of 12 calendar months. The seasons and even the elements are all consistent in their natural order. Therefore nature is consistent and it is naturally logical that anything consistent in its purpose wins, after all the deliberately consistent effort of a running brook wears out rocks.

2. Success is tied to Momentum: It is through motion that a body builds momentum. When you are already moving you have more tendency to gather speed and "SUCCESS LOVES SPEED!”. Whatever moves possesses energy, from laws of physics, kinetic energy is the energy a body has due to its motion. From the conscious effort of moving towards my goal, I can gather momentum, gain speed, generate more energy and in effect attract more success in the long run.

3. In the school of Goals, frequency trumps magnitude: Most times a little effort every day takes you closer to your goals than a huge inconsistent effort. Confucius made it clear that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step". So a few strokes of the brush on a regular pattern can create a masterpiece only capable of by the master stroke of a Picasso.

Kindly follow me on as I debut with more of these lessons and some other inspirational podcasts.

See you in my next post on the 30 days of Gratitude.

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