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Tell Them A Story

Tell Them A Story
Are you a writer or a speaker? This piece will help you. There is something spectacular about great Speakers, they always Communicate and much more than that they connect with their audience.
The secret to great communication is having a point of connection or a common point with your audience. This common point usually might not be a point of common agreement, infact, it might be a basis for disagreement but above all it brings the listener or reader to the’Why?s’ and ‘Whats?’ of your discussion.
One great way of connecting with your audience is to tell them a story, often times we wake up or we jerk back from wandering off in a meeting when the speaker shares a story.
The art of story-telling is one that has evolved all through the ages and it is one which you need to use to a very great advantage. Whether you are a professional speaker, a Religious Leader, a company executive or a classroom teacher, a few ideas are shared in this piece to help you get started.
Study Master-story tellers. The greatest speakers and leaders through the ages are master story tellers. From using parables, stories and anecdotes to paint vivid images of their central message, to telling the story of their new product or the company vision. I am always amazed by the authenticity of the parable of Jesus in the bible
Tell them an interesting story. Everyone loves to listen to an interesting story, you do not need to exaggerate but get into the details of the story and make it interesting and as relevant to the subject at hand as possible.
Tell them your story. It’s a known fact that everyone in your audience or sphere of influence subconsciously asks you a question no matter how busy or how disengaged or disinterested they may appear. Their question is “What is your story?” One powerful way to successful tell a story is to be familiarize yourself with it to the point that you own it. The interesting thing about your story is the fact that you own it!
People connect with you in a personal way when you tell a story, especially your own story.
I did not set out to write an article, but rather to share my story, but it’s great to have shared this as well in the process.
Some of my personal stories were shared in articles, podcasts or youtube videos.
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