Monday, May 25, 2015


Well Nigeria will be great but it's going first to turning point and at turning point dy/dx =0 (Maths, at turning point the rate of change tends to zero)
Gtb closing early, classic FM, beats and some other stations ran out of diesel, MTN gradually dwindling on diesel reserves
Other networks might follow suit but I think Globacom might come in last because the Rich man has got some oil...
We have had so many fuel issues as far as I can remember in the  90s, but more recently we can remember occupy Nigeria,  is this 'occupy Aso Rock?'
What I know right now is, this fuel scarcity is fast affecting everything like a chain reaction... Even transport fares are ballooning at all bus stops. According to Aljazeera, airlines are struck also by this #Fuelscarcity aerocontractor cancelled 80% of its test (sorry I meant to say flights) and Kenya airline and a couple others had to divert some flights from Nigeria.
Well what Nigerians can do at this time is Believe,  pray and also act.
Do not panic.Stay informed, tune in to some radio stations that can run for some hours and as PHCN isn't left out go on solar if you can or have the facility
Stock up on enough foodstuffs and of course try as much to have some cash handy if you still can, Food or  cash is king right now. Most banks will start closing early from today.
You can also save up data on multiple provider SIM cards if you can. Imagine! Just yesterday, I heard a couple tell some one they travelled early to Ibadan from Lagos to buy fuel. (Ibadan is in Oyo state in Nigeria, about 2hours drive from Lagos). Schools might go on some breaks if this lingers.
I don't have any information at the moment,as to any negotiations going on to salvage  the situation or where to buy fuel at the moment. But you can share any info with us all in the comments section or also follow discussions on Twitter via #FuelScarcity.

I still believe in the greatness of Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur