Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It was a wonderful Tuesday morning- a great day! I knew it and I was so sure that I stepped out to write an article about it. It’s a wonderful Tuesday morning- Terrific Tuesday! Not only was I off work, at my ‘new’ job -with a much different shift schedule, rather, it was a Terrific Tuesday morning- a rainy day!

So I sat at the sofa overlooking the garden from a sliding door and started on an entirely new mission; to churn out 100 quality articles for my blog.

Writing an article for my blog is a very important thing to me. A vital aspect off my life it has come to be, writing to me is a medium of expression, a platform to share my message, a channel to reach out to my clan. With a piece of article I reach out to many, numbers and distance notwithstanding even without paying attention to the borders or barriers of language and culture. Thank God for Technology.
I might not write on the everyday political ills or the disasters and wars in the Middle East. I believe the news does much justice to that and sometimes blows out much out of proportion, for instance talk about the case of western media painting the whole Africa as a poverty-ridden continent and leaving out transformational leadership exhibited in a place like Lagos Nigeria, and the groundbreaking educational project like ‘Opon-Imo ‘ Tablets for Schools’ first rolled out in Osun state Or how can we forget what transformations are taking place in countries like Ghana compared to what they used to be over the years. Yet the spotlight of western media on Africa has not changed much, if at all!
No hard feelings but I believe Africa lies amidst so much wealth her past woes or present challenges notwithstanding. I am so sure it’s just a matter of time till the Generation Y, show great leadership as so many of them have started doing, I believe Africa isn’t where it used to be on the USAID, UN or WHO development indices - thanks to aids and policies bothering around that but so much more it owes it more to the leverage of transformational leadership finding their foot holds in some countries or nations around that.
So rather than dwell so much on the news, I dwell so much on Change. The positive change we all believe in and hope to see, not only in Nigeria or Africa, but in the world at large. I advocate personal change because I believe that is the birth place of all other societal changes. Then I move on to the need for Organizational change and development because that is like a cantilever that touches all lives together and can break transnational bonds. This approach to change is what I believe imbibes the present and upcoming generation –Generation Y with the necessary values necessary for unleashing personal greatness and birthing global change. This is the fulcrum that can lift the world.
So in revealing my mission of 100 articles in 100 days or less. I will solely write around my niche by that I mean all that relates to National and Global Change. I will keep to my assignment to inspire greatness and the world’s best ideas in business, leadership and Life. I am a student of this school of change rather than a master of it, so I as well share all that I learn by personal experience, through interactions with the masters of the field and above all from major intercourse with great minds from books. Hence my reasons for some book reviews on my blog.

Doing book reviews on my blog for me is a very wonderful thing. I have always had a passion for books and I always believe I will author so many of them. Once while reviewing a book , I remembered a group conversation I had with couple of friends in a course mate’s room while at the University. One of us had tried to speculate what he sees every one doing in the future and he looked at me and said with certainty, above all possible things “You will be doing book reviews” . He’s way too right! I went on to do some book reviews on my blog which I had started back in school then and they have nice exposures, I mean book reviews rank among the popular posts on my blog today. A book review makes you an active reader. You read with a view to sharing at some points with the cap of a critic and an analyst on. It’s a step in progress and I currently look to how to better my best at it.

Finally I have come to the end of what was supposed to be a 750 word article! Considering the fact I don’t do that! I always think how many Nigerian wants to read a piece more than a 350 word article? And I just wrote over 750 words without breaking a sweat!

Your billionaire friend!
Emmanuel Ayeni
Twitter: @emmandus


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