Tuesday, February 23, 2021




In Chemistry we were taught to balance equations both to the right and to the left because matter couldn't be created nor destroyed but it must be  transformed from one form to another.

In Physics we learnt how balancing loads and different weights will help achieve a state of equilibrium for which at the turning point the sum of all forces becomes zero.

In Biology we learnt that for a healthy body there must be a state of Homeostatis where all organs function in all healthy proportion.

This is also why symbiotic relationships thrive best where each factor or stakeholder brings something significant to the table.

Life is all about Balance.

Think Win-Win

This is the very rudiment every sustainable ecosystem is built.

Balance is the language of nature from within us to the environment around us.

When something shifts out of balance there is an opposite and proportionate  reaction.

There must be balance of trust

There must be balance of Power

There must be work- life balance

The Balance of life is that everything in life is about balance.

I  love to read your thoughts on this

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

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Monday, February 22, 2021

ATTENTION! It's up to you



If it is to  be, it is up to you!

One of the key Principles of Success is the Principle of Personal Responsibility .

In simple terms, it means anyone who desires a level of change has to want it enough to go after it or initiate it.

The Door of enduring  Change has got only one knob and that knob opens from the inside, only you can turn it and eventually  open it.

If you want enduring change in your job, finance, relationship or any part of your life, you must be willing to go inside and open that door from the inside by doing whatever it  takes that is ethically right.

Many times this knob of decision will turn the door open on the hinges of choices and actions.

No government or Boss or friend is coming to save you, really.

People might  bring lessons or blessings to your life but you see,  you are still the one  that will open the door, to receive the mail, pick up the cheques or take the delivery.

It's 100% Yours!

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni 

 World-class Coach and Trainer

Thursday, January 21, 2021


 Great Summary  in one Blink. 

Author poses the need to save enough for retirement and not a cent more.

He notes how money can be recovered while time cannot. Hence, the need to invest money and time in great experiences and vacations.

The older you get the more serious the consequences of risk of failure,meaning explore while young,seize the day. 

Life is finite as well as opportunities, what is unlimited is the power of your dreams.

Choose Happiness over everything. Rethink your retirement. 

Once you have a golden combination of time,health and money, go for it.

Blink Review by Emmanuel Ayeni


Monday, January 11, 2021


The Mirage of More Time

Travelling ahead on a sunny day, you will notice a body of water far ahead on the hot tarmac, thinking to yourself that might just be a pool of water right there, but once you get there you will discover it wasn't any water after all.

It was all some phenomenon brought about by factors like the travel of light rays and your own view.

It is what it is, a mirage.

"One day, I am going to get me some time and finally achieve all my dreams."

'One day, I am going to read a new book'

'One day, I am going to travel the world'

'One day, I am going to start a new business'

'One day, I am going to find a new Job'

'One day, I am going to be kind and give more to help mankind.'

'One day, I will spend more time with family'

Often times, We mistake our need for time for the need for  more time.

This stems out of the mirage that we will always have more time.

It happens easily if you start a year without clear goals and you coast along through it's days, weeks  and months.

It happens if you keep deep reflections and recall till months and years away instead  of regularly and daily.

You don't  always have the time you think you have, It is all a mirage.

The only way to turn "ONE DAY...." dreams into reality is to turn today to DAY ONE!

Make the call

Make the shift

Make the move

Ask the Questions

Take the Course

Show some kindness

Solve a problem

Meet someone new

Now is all you have, to make today, Day One..

One day, our entire lives will flash in front of our lives and we will see all the shots we took and the ones we never took.

Reflect and Effect it today.

Let's make each moment of this beautiful life worth living.

Make it Happen.

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Do you remember how it was so strange to buy things online and have it delivered to your doorsteps decades ago?

But look at it today, E-commerce has become a huge multi-billion dollar phenomenon which is fast becoming the order of the day.

It always amazes me when people tell me Fiverr is not for Nigerians or when they say all those sites are scam, this post is to shed some light on that.

While this is not a post on ECOM, I mentioned it because of the similarity between eCommerce and freelancing online.

For instance the same way as goods or products are usually ordered online and shipped, for Ecommerce, in Freelancing skills, talents and exepriences usuallly in the form of services are ordered and fulfilled

This post is all about simplifying freelancing,most especially freelancing on Fiverr from personal experience and from other amazing stories that abound.

I believe freelancing is one of the best ways anyone can jump-start any career today.

Fiverr is simply an online Marketplace where services (gigs) are exchanged for money.

I wrote a more detailed post here about that.

Couple of weeks ago, I shared the link to a lady's story in our *Telegram Support Group* ( A group for all who have gone through my Fiverr Money Secrets Training), where she shared how she bought a car from her Fiverr earnings.

Infact, just last night, I read a story of a man who paid off all his debts, paid for his two year old daughter's hospital Bills and in 3 years bought a house for his family from his Fiverr Revenues.

While I share the link in my Fiverr Telegram Support group, I will like you to be inspired from the same story.

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Now here is the link to Bobby's Amazing story;

How I Bought a House with My Fiverr Revenue #SuperSeller https://blog.fiverr.com/how-i-bought-a-house-with-fiverr-superseller/

If you are inspired by that story, I am sure you will want to listen to my own story as well and learn from my own small wins and the exact strategies I use on Fiverr.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Unspoken Laws of Prosperity and Abundance...

 The Unspoken Laws of Prosperity and Abundance...

While I believe opinions usually differ on this, I believe the Law of Sowing and Reaping, it is true no matter what and in any form.

We might say it is all some 'Bible talk',  but I smile, because before I really began to study the Bible personally or develop my personal faith years back as a school boy, I was an avid reader of books and novels and I had read a thing or two on Metaphysics, enough to know that the physical is but one plane of reality. 

Even in Engineering or in Mathematics, Dimensional analysis of vectors and similar subjects, the understanding or reality along x- axis  does not  negate the existence of a y-axis or Z-axis.

The point I am trying to make here  is, there are different levels of reality, the Cosmos have rules and principles they are put in place by God.

If you want to receive so much smile today, give so much smile as you go through today. Simple.

Want more rewards at work, put in some more with great attitude, somehow you will be paid back in full and running over.

It is the same whether it is for money or anything, they are all different forms of energy and vibrations. 

There are countless stories but I will choose to share  something not even recent at all.

The first time I discovered the "laws of prosperity!"

I was a student I had just read Dr Mike Murdock's book " The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life" 

Then I got enough faith to sow a seed and mind you, it wasn't  a  ' big seed' but I was in my church and there was a need.

I also had a need, for a computer, all I was even hoping at best if I could have my parents who had just been gracious to pay for  all my school Bills already, buy one...

I had this N500 or N5000 (I can't fully remember exactly) I had kept in my pocket, I stepped out and gave it out in Faith.

Not too many days after I received calls and things happened the need I had that time was taken care of.

God arranged in a way that my need was met, I resumed the new semester with my brand new HP1051? It was my very first Laptop instead of a Desktop 😊

I have had similar experiences duplicated over time to know it is not  fluke.

Since this is a unique topic, I hope to answer questions, or  share more in the coming days. 

It is not in any way an alternative to developing Financial Intelligence.

This is based on my own personal beliefs and most times what we believe already works for us.

It will be great to read some responses on this.

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni 

PS. I was inspired to share today when I listened to Paul's letter to the Corinthians this morning, precisely, 2 Corinthians 9. 

PPS. Have you wondered how you cannot successfully sell what you have not bought yourself ?

Saturday, September 26, 2020




One day, as an High School Student while being driven in my Father's Car, many years ago, I received a text message on my then NOKIA polyphonic 5210 or 3310 phone.

It was a text of appreciation from someone who read one of my motivational threads on Nairaland, Nigeria's Biggest Internet Forum.

It meant so much to me.

I showed it to my Dad,who was driving right beside me, He looked through and smiled.

Today, This is Something nice I  woke up to.

I receive similar messages or comments almost daily from all over the world and many times with some monetary rewards for work done like Coaching, training or ebook, even on my Job as an Engineer or man times work not even done directly like this.

This journey is not all about the MONEY alone but the  MEANING as well.

  It's about INCOME and IMPACT.

Testimonials and rewards are usually the fuel that keep the vehicle of inspiration moving .

We all have people who get inspired by a word or an action.

This is why You and I must never stop Rising to Greatness and lifting others in our path!

Also, if you have people who inspire you, you can  reach out to them today with a note, a message, a gift or anything great that crosses your mind.

Keep Rising to Greatness

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

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