Thursday, April 11, 2024



Many times, we ignore or underplay the importance of mindset when it comes to attracting certain levels of results, these results can be  success with people, health or finances.

A Couple of years ago, when I began to freelance on Fiverr, I needed to work on my mindset to cross certain profit thresholds, like crossing the first $1000 or the subsequent ones.

One of the things I did was read books by people who had similar or higher levels of results, I also paid for their courses, training, or mentorships so I could access a new way of thinking and working.

I exposed my mind to possibility thinking by listening to, or reading portions of scriptures that emphasize thoughts of possibilities and abundance.

I found some of Bob Proctor's audios and affirmations instrumental as well.  The works of Wallace Wattles are also great materials

I also spent time in prayer with deep and intense gratitude even in moments when the appearances were not yet in total alignment with my expectations.

It is necessary to add, that I spent many nights putting in some work, reading or implementing new materials, or having meetings or sessions.

I believe this will bless someone who is working towards certain results at the moment.

Whatever you are trying to achieve right now, be it a job, career, relationship, or business goal, there is either a KNOWLEDGE or ACTION Gap that needs to be filled and this will require two major sets of tools, the right  SKILL SET and the right MINDSET.

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

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