Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Long Silence...
I wondered what took me off from writing and blogging for a long while- over two weeks except for my 'Happy new month' post.
Could it be work? No, could it be my creed to focus on a particluar project at hand - that will likely take the whole of this month and perhaps a slight part of next? Perhaps it's my new found love for doing a bit of stock analysis online with all indicators I could lay hands on. Could it possibly be my business at EMMANDUS Networks or my exciting MLM busines of A2W? Certainly it could be the need for a new mobile device?

It takes Disicpline!
Anyways while all of the reasons listed above could or might have been an excuse but none is no good reason for not doing what makes me happy- writing and sharing inspirational contents with my clan on my blog on a regular basis. Sure, I believe being cut off my smart mobile device for a couple of weeks have in a large extent affected many things so I can't wait to get the next 'PDA'. Great people do not make excuse ! So I choose to own up that I haven't been disciplined enough to show up and bring inspirational content to the table every day, every other day or at worst every week. You see no 'busy' schedule is an excuse here! Successful people choose to make time for what is important to them and that is what I must do too. Apologies (to who?) if I sounded too hard on myself.The good news is I can always right the wrongs, I did that before and I sure can do it again and again and again and....

You see the truth is it takes discipline and hardwork to blog consistently (and of course for other endeavors), but however how hard it seems it is not impossible! I know a couple of personal development bloggers who blog daily or at least weekly. So it becomes more interesting to me when I keep up with the challenge and I get rewarded each day by the thought of sending out some inspiration into the world daily- that alone is motivating to me.
Yeah it could take some time to research but then a wole lot of time, it is just in the deposit or in the air and I only need to just reach out for it, because God has placed it there.
But you know most times we get too lazy or run of focus and fail to do even the simplest things that make us happy and which in effect add value from a larger perspective.

Yeah! That is the secret, like every great goal, I will begin with the end in mind and we all can.I will write an article after another, I will create another video, record another podcast and do one more book review and then the next. I will take a step after another knowing fully well every little step is important to the whole journey.Afterall it's all part of the plan!

If you read all through this conversation with myself, my profound appreciation and perhaps I should share with you a wonderful book by brian tracy called GOALS and All you need to do is ask for it. As a summary the keys to consistent success in any endeavor are Discipline, Possibility and consistent small actions!

We will Succeed!

Emmanuel Ayeni
EMMANDUS Networks Nigeria
Twitter: @emmandus

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