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BOOK Review: Waiting and Dating

BOOK Review : #Bookreview
Book Title: Waiting and Dating
Author: Dr Myles Munroe was a teacher, International Speaker, Consultant to Governments and President of the Bahamas Faith Ministries.
Book Reviewer: Emmanuel Ayeni
©2004 Pages: 192 pages, Chapters: 6 chapters.
I grew up in a peculiar background, perhaps different from most others. It’s a loving family with wonderful parents and siblings. This is a sensitive area of my story I rarely share except in very unique situations or relevant sessions. For me, Marriage was one of the areas I never wanted to make any mistake so I prayed and learnt all I could about it and I still keep learning.
Since when I began to think of the issue of relationships and marriage, I wanted to learn all I could, I wanted to get all knowledge about marriage, interpersonal relationship and human psychology. This led me to read a couple of books on marriage and attend many seminars. Waiting and Dating by Dr Myles Munroe was one of such great books I read which has been helpful. In his words “ Don’t shortchange your education-and your dreams- by getting married too soon”
He further shared the cogent need to never enter into marriage until one is confident that one is in God’s will concerning the timing.
This book highlights that unless you enter into marriage with a solid financial plan, you are setting yourself up for a lot of heartache and regret down the line. Every married couple needs to start out with money in the bank, a good job (or jobs) with enough income to support them, an investment plan to help them put their money to work and make it grow for them, and a responsible attitude and practice with regard to use of credit.
It is also worthy of note that “Scientific studies have revealed that financial trouble is the second leading cause of divorce, after sexual problems.”
One clear point also made here was that “God will never choose our mate for us, but if we ask Him, He will reveal when the timing is right to marry the person we have chosen”
That was a general overview. On a closer look into the content
In chapter one; Preparing to Date; the author stresses that a truly single person is one who is complete physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually without complete dependence on anyone else, and the one who is ready to date is one who doesn’t need to.
Habits and attitudes established during dating years are generally carried over into marriage.
Chapter 2 looks at Friendship-Building: The purpose of Dating while clarifying the 4 levels of friendship from the lowest level which is acquaintance, to casual friendship-based on common interests or activities to Close friendship and fellowship- which s based on life goals and the fourth being Close friendship and fellowship- committed to the development of each other’s character.
Myths of Mate Finding is the hot topic for chapter three, which explains the point that God never violates our freedom to choose. “God may bring a potential mate across our path, but he does not choose that person for us” The choice is still ours to make but He can give us wisdom in making this choice when we ask him.
The author further opines “The key to finding the right mate is to first identify the qualities and character that we will hold as our standard without compromise, and then evaluate the potential candidates we meet according to those standards”
Chapter 4: Discerning the Right Life Partner shared some salient points amongst others; couples who do not share similar life goals are not right for each other. Any person we consider marrying should display a continuous evidence of spiritual growth and most importantly, “Marrying in the will of God carries no inner turmoil or uncertainty because it frees us to concentrate on Christ and His work without distraction.
In Chapter 5 Engagement: Preparing to Marry, the author notes that this is a time for deepening friendship and spiritual oneness…” and a time to plan and work towards a successful marriage.
Chapter 6: Engagement : Redeeming the Time; here the author explains succinctly that engagement is the hardcore planning, where a couple gets down to the main work of preparing for life after wedding, in this season they should have well laid spiritual foundation, economic stability, sexual standards, educational goals, parenting philosophies.
The also noted a very vital point here: “The fact that a couple is getting married does not justify or excuse premature and improper sexual behavior” this is because “by successfully handling sexual temptation, a couple proves their maturity, integrity, faithfulness and self-control. It is therefore important for Christian couples prove their standards during engagement period and commit themselves to a standard of absolute sexual purity before marriage”
This great book successfully dispels myths regarding romantic relationships and sets clear helpful and godly instructions to guide every healthy stage of friendship and the journey to successful marital relationship.
This is a great book in preparing for marriage every single will find helpful.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Emmanuel Ayeni is a Personal Development Consultant, Life coach, Inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. As an Engineer, he holds a B.Tech in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) and in Systems Engineering from University of Lagos (UNILAG).  
He is also Projects Head at Emmandus Networks. A Consulting,  Engineering Technology and Logistics company. Emmanuel is a disciple of Jesus Christ, he currently works and lives in Lagos Nigeria with his beautiful wife Jumoke and their lovely son Daniel.
Facebook:  Emmanuel  O. Ayeni

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