Friday, October 15, 2010


In this world of increasing change and explosive development, to be relevant at all one must be concerned in the area of change and development as the only constant thing in life is change itself. To be able to join the bandwagon of people who spear head change in our world, there are factors that should and must be taken into consideration. This I coined up in the word Y-E-T.

Y-You. The development of any environment depends greatly on the development of its people. This means no development can be brought about in any nation except the citizens are first developed. This development can be physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual as the case may be. Understand therefore that you are the first factor in motivating change. It has to start from you. It must first start from a change in your personal orientation, your attitude and the general understanding of your identity.

E-Environment. It is needless for us to count the number of times you have heard that charity begins at home. So if you must change your nation and your world at large, it has to start in your immediate environment. For instance, for our nation to be clean it must start from your room, your hostel, your compound, your street etc.You must understand that your immediate environment is your first contact with the rest of the world.

T-Time. ‘Time’ again ‘is the greatest equalizer’. Only few people realize that the rich and the poor, the small and the great all have the same leverage of time -24hours in a day, but the major difference is how each one utilizes this great resource called time. You need to understand how rich you are, in a single day you have 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes i.e. 24 hours! It is therefore not about how much time you have but the quality of activities you put into the time you have.

These three factors are very instrumental to personal development of a particular people at a particular time and there is more to each of them than meets the eyes. Each of them needs to be treated under the lens of careful and detailed observation.

Knowing who You really are, in respect to the understanding of your environment, and managing your most vital resource of time, can change your entire life by leaps and bounds both now and in many years to come.

Ayeni Emmanuel Oluwadunsin