Monday, January 11, 2021


The Mirage of More Time

Travelling ahead on a sunny day, you will notice a body of water far ahead on the hot tarmac, thinking to yourself that might just be a pool of water right there, but once you get there you will discover it wasn't any water after all.

It was all some phenomenon brought about by factors like the travel of light rays and your own view.

It is what it is, a mirage.

"One day, I am going to get me some time and finally achieve all my dreams."

'One day, I am going to read a new book'

'One day, I am going to travel the world'

'One day, I am going to start a new business'

'One day, I am going to find a new Job'

'One day, I am going to be kind and give more to help mankind.'

'One day, I will spend more time with family'

Often times, We mistake our need for time for the need for  more time.

This stems out of the mirage that we will always have more time.

It happens easily if you start a year without clear goals and you coast along through it's days, weeks  and months.

It happens if you keep deep reflections and recall till months and years away instead  of regularly and daily.

You don't  always have the time you think you have, It is all a mirage.

The only way to turn "ONE DAY...." dreams into reality is to turn today to DAY ONE!

Make the call

Make the shift

Make the move

Ask the Questions

Take the Course

Show some kindness

Solve a problem

Meet someone new

Now is all you have, to make today, Day One..

One day, our entire lives will flash in front of our lives and we will see all the shots we took and the ones we never took.

Reflect and Effect it today.

Let's make each moment of this beautiful life worth living.

Make it Happen.

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni