Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Have you ever felt you were at the cross roads, have you ever felt things were closing up on you too fast? When you think you have come to your wit’s end.

When you feel you are at a tight corner and It appears you have gotten to the end of the rope…that is when you must remember you need not throw in the trowel. Do all you can, but Never, ever, Give Up!

Why will you, and why should you ever think of giving up?

When there is nobody to praise you, all you can do for yourself is brace up. Do not give in, when you think all is lost, because life is not a relay race. Instead, it is a marathon race and it will never be over until it is, over.

Why should you waste away brooding when you can wait and do some grooming? Perhaps, your time to shine is just some seconds away.

Just like the treasure miner, never stop hitting at the rocks you might just be some inches away from the raw gold.

Did I hear you say the sky is your limit?

No, not when you refuse to give up, for the sky is meant to be your starting point, it is the play ground of champions, the very place where Eagles soar. You are the ‘You’ that makes you who you are! So why do you think you are not important or when was the last time you met your exact duplicate?

Why are you limited to what you see only because you don’t use your imagination? There is more to you than meets the eyes ~you are a king.

Why should you be bothered by what they think you are, when they’ve got no hold on the manuals of your life? |It’s high time you stopped wondering what you are not and start awakening to what you really are~ a giant, a god or goddess, hero(ine), Yes! That is what the Book says you are. You are the eighth wonder of the world; a city set upon a hill you can never be hidden!

The creator has made for you the paint, your mind is the canvass and here is the brush for you to use...Paint carefully my dear it’s a legend of Greatness!

Go and achieve greatness!

Ayeni Emmanuel



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