Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Important Points to Note about Great People

One important thing on your way to greatness is to study those who have gone there and been there. Therefore, some important points that are worthy of note about great people are shared here: to study greatness it is important to study the lifestyle of great people.

1. Great people believe in their education: All through history, men who acquired greatness had been men of good education and learning, either formal or informal. Great people believe that knowledge is power and as such they pay great attention to acquiring knowledge at all cost.

A very good example of this is Chief Obafemi Awolowo (from Nigeria). He lost his father at a tender age, his determination to get quality education made him never quit until he achieved his utmost dream of becoming a lawyer through determination and relentless hard work.

2. Great people are known for hard work: Men of substance are never loafers; they put a great deal of their time to working smart on their goals. They are given to hard work and are committed to making their dreams come true by doing something daily that brings them closer to the achievement of their dreams.

3. Great people are known for passion and desire: Our people of interest are known for dreaming. This doesn’t connote a state of idleness and wishful thinking, No! Great people picture exactly what they want, what they need, how and when exactly they want to achieve it. They know they want and don’t give up on them.

4. Great people are focused: Focus is a very powerful tool and great men understand this. Many great people know what they want and they go all out for it, they are never distracted instead they keep making efforts. They do not accept the second best; they keep their eye on the target. They never quit. When all our mental, intellectual and material resources are channeled towards a singular goal it becomes more possible to achieve.

5 .Great people believe in themselves: Men who rise to greatness always believe in their greatness. They do not allow people or situations to judge or limit them. They always believe they can and will rise to the top. They also believe in the greatness of others. Always believe in yourself. Yes, You can

6. Great people always give: Great people are always givers, they understand the need to help others with what they have, time, money, ideas and other resources. They have an abundance mentality and believe they are meant to be part of the distributive cycle of Nature.

7. Great people believe in God: Great men believe there is a divine entity that reigns in the affairs of men by whose great power the heavens and earth were made, and by which the whole world is held in its course. Men of true greatness believe this omnipotent being is the Almighty God

These are great traits from the lifestyle of great men which I believe you. You are an edifice of greatness capable of extraordinary greatness; you are wired to achieve amazingly great things.

I celebrate already, your rise to true greatness!

Emmanuel O. Ayeni

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