Saturday, September 26, 2020




One day, as an High School Student while being driven in my Father's Car, many years ago, I received a text message on my then NOKIA polyphonic 5210 or 3310 phone.

It was a text of appreciation from someone who read one of my motivational threads on Nairaland, Nigeria's Biggest Internet Forum.

It meant so much to me.

I showed it to my Dad,who was driving right beside me, He looked through and smiled.

Today, This is Something nice I  woke up to.

I receive similar messages or comments almost daily from all over the world and many times with some monetary rewards for work done like Coaching, training or ebook, even on my Job as an Engineer or man times work not even done directly like this.

This journey is not all about the MONEY alone but the  MEANING as well.

  It's about INCOME and IMPACT.

Testimonials and rewards are usually the fuel that keep the vehicle of inspiration moving .

We all have people who get inspired by a word or an action.

This is why You and I must never stop Rising to Greatness and lifting others in our path!

Also, if you have people who inspire you, you can  reach out to them today with a note, a message, a gift or anything great that crosses your mind.

Keep Rising to Greatness

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

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