Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Money itself is an idea…

We have heard some leading financial advisors imply this in books and articles.
Millionaire teacher and entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki had stressed over the years the fact that “money is an idea”.

If Ideas rule the world and “money makes the world go round” as the saying goes, it is then well founded that money is an idea that makes the world go round.

Money,though basically a medium of exchange of value, is a legal tender.

Money is a measurement of value in any society.

Ideas on money vary globally; different currencies but the same idea.

Payment systems have evolved from the barter system of exchange, to a fiduciary issue backed up with gold reserves or not, to cash and electronic information which travels as bytes of information taking different forms on computer screens and via different media and vehicles

Money is an idea, a potentially successful idea when well executed can be worth money in the bank.
To maximize this knowledge you must learn to mine the gold of idea generation, creation and transmutation into money.

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Emmanuel Ayeni

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