Thursday, September 18, 2014


DAY 7 of 30

If we set our mind to thank and appreciate God, we will discover how indebted we are to him.
A Yoruba proverb stresses that ' gratitude is usually the product of deep thinking' . This means we can never run out of reasons for being grateful.
So tonight I choose to thank God for problems solved. The whole world is full of problems ... and also solutions. It all depends on the spectacle through which we see the world.
One person looks and sees problems another looks and sees or anticipates a solution.
Problems give us capacity for growth, I thank GOD for problems solved.
It will be almost impossible to pinpoint only one problem solved out of the many wonderful stories i could possibly share, however, I am so grateful for how the problem of my University admission was solved.
I had graduated from the high school and applied for admission into the university via the University Matriculation Examination but I stillcouldnt gain admssion due to my low test scores, I took the exam the 2nd and 3rd time, I refused to give up my plan and desire for a University degree and so I attempted the exam again even while at the polytechnic and I finally made it to the University.

I am grateful for this and many more problems solved.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Your-billion dollar friend