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The Right Accountability Coach helps bridge the gap between your goals and execution. 

I explain briefly in this short video and I shared how you can work with me if you are among the fast action takers today.

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TODAY, I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH   30 DAY ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING FOR YOUR MOST PRESSING GOALS Click the link and let's get started    www.bit.ly/2Coachme  

As an Accountability Coach Emmanuel has provided accountability coaching to clients in India, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Hungary, Nigeria and more.

Everyday, I work with different people from different fields and continents. Interestingly, I have had great success working with programmers, writers, authors, Coaches, Consultants, Course creators ,business owners and different professionals globally,  particularly, those who all knew what they should be doing but are not crushing it due to procrastination or lack of clarity.

On our first clarity call, we will take a closer look at your goals, schedules and processes while creating crystal clear action plans to help us track and measure success and progress, daily.

This is what you need to know about Accountability Coaching.

The reason many do not achieve success is not because they lack the knowledge or the skills, it is usually because they lack a good accountability partner.

Set up a great accountability system today by hiring me as your coach

As your accountability coach I'll walk you through your goals faster and farther, because you chose to fly your way to success with an instructor by hiring me as your Coach.

I provide an intensive one-on-one Life-coaching for clients providing clarity and accountability in 3-7 days or one month using different tools,world-class coaching framework and models.

All sessions are online by email, Whats App and ZOOM with a 15 minute or more scheduled live call / telephone coaching sessions. 

This is the missing link between your ideas and results, the bridge between your goals, strategies and their timely execution.

I also provide cutting-edge coaching frame work to get you to the advantage side in  career, personal finance, it gets you out of inaction, procrastination, depression or recession

I look forward to working with you and unlocking new levels of transformation as WE work together.

More about Emmanuel Ayeni, World Class Life and Accountability Coach

Emmanuel Ayeni Life coach; Engineer, Inspirational Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur wrote 10 Personal Development articles for Nigeria's national Newspaper,Punch.

 He is a 6 times Amazon Author with 15 years experience of running businesses and volunteering with youth-based NGOs. 

He is a world Class Trainer, CEO of EMMANDUS Consulting 

Emmanuel is an online volunteer with the United Nations and a consultant to other non-governmental organizations. 

He's passionate about Inspiring,empowering and coaching people or organizations across different continents to achieve their goals.

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Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel Ayeni

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