Thursday, January 24, 2013


Many people started the new year with many resolutions, while a lot do not believe in or neither have resolutions. Whichever camp you may belong ,these are some of the very important facts you will need to consider for your personal growth and improvement.

1. Clear the clutters: There is no other important time to clear the clutters from your life than in the new year and now is the time to start. Clearing the clutters off your life is a great way to simplifying and organizing your whole life. This is mainly about removing the old and the unnecessary off your life. This is a very vital part of every new beginning, the neglect of which is snag to creativity and progress.

2. Dream new dreams and Set new Goals; Goals are important to everyday life and necessary for exceptional living. You might have had dreams in the past which never came true or you had goals you really fell short off. No worries! Every champion has always had. The idea is to rev up the pump once more and dream new dreams and set new goals .It brings in a fresh surge of energy into your life as you continuously evaluate and move towards a new target.

3. Be Daring: Yes it takes a sense of being daring to do new things. Go where you have never gone before and do what you have never done before. Meet new people. Do every new thing that makes you a better person. Do the old in a new way and achieve unusual result. Take on new challenges and keep moving on.

4. Make a new Commitment to your personal development: Position yourself for continuous improvement. You must evaluate key areas of your life, ranging from family, relationships, personal finance, spirituality, career, academics and put up a fresh plan for development. Never stop growing.

5. Spend time in Reflection; It is a nice thing to come away from the hustles and bustles of everyday life and reflect and think generally on life and all itself. Spending time to think and clear the head can boost your mental clarity and create a new sense of direction.

6. Pay attention to your health : Health is wealth, so goes the age-long saying. Your success is not complete if you are deficient in this one vital area. Being adept with your general health status and general well being is a good way to go. It’s good to mind your diet in terms of how it affects your energy level and health .You might also want to develop and follow a regular exercise regimen

7. Invest in Partnership: There are various forms of partnerships in the world as the case may be, but the scope of this discussion is you making the strongest partnership in the world. Make the most powerful partnership in the world this year. Partner with the Almighty GOD. He is the maker of the whole Universe and He has got the greatest plan for you.

These are great ways to start the new year and it is never late to start getting better.

Your great friend!

Emmanuel Ayeni


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