Monday, December 12, 2011


The world is a big place,every time and every day we always have a whole lot of things to do within a specified time ,many people fall into the pressure of leaving things jumbled up and unattended to .Most times we wish we could plan things better than we have always done. This can affect many areas of our lives right from our desktops, common room, to finances, business or career. So how can we get things more organized right from the common room to the workplace? A very vital thing you will learn to do is to start organizing your life every day. Since the subject of discussion may span through different issues, a good way to start is to recognize the exact area of your life you need to address, this may be from arranging the details of your daily or weekly schedule to arranging books, objects and other items in your surroundings, you will need to prioritize and arrange tasks in order of importance. Many people fail to reach their set goals due to poor organizational skills, when you have any area of your life in disarray it saps you of productive time and energy, it makes you lose focus and eventually reduces your productivity by a very long margin. These tips will help you organize things better: 1.Determine and Desire to be organized: If you have discovered that being organized is very instrumental to achieving your goals, then you must desire to do what it takes to get at it. This desire must be backed up by dogged determination and prompt action. 2.Maintain Order: The age-long cliché that “Order is heaven’s first law” is an eternal truth, learn to arrange things into an orderly pattern, the best way to maintain an organized life is to constantly review your surroundings and environment, paying attention to the order of things from time to time .For instance, putting things where they really belong ,after use is a very good practice. 3. Organize your mind: A powerful way to organize your life is to organize your mind. Your mind is the seat of consciousness and the centre of all learning and as such needs to be guarded and filled with things that are positive and right. You do this through the books you read and the kinds of people you interact with. 4. Organize your Finance: You need to arrange all aspects of your finances, you must plan on what you have, how to get your debts paid if you have any, how to control your spending and how you intend to explore the savings and investment opportunities around you. 5.Organize your schedule :Your life is accounted for in how you spend your hours,days,weeks ,months and years .So set out to organize your life by planning every part of your time ,planning for work and leisure and miscellaneous can help you have a more balance schedule Organizing your life boosts your productivity, it increases your efficiency and optimizes the use of your scarce resources. Doing your best in planning activities in your best possible way, will bring you more sense of fulfillment and take you closer to your goals. Ayeni Emmanuel Oluwadunsin

Ayeni Emmanuel Oluwadunsin.

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