Sunday, September 1, 2013


Beloved Champion!

It's a great day! A wonderful month! I am full of joy;inexplainable euphoria because I am so glad to be alive on this wonderful day and I am sure you are too,because only the living can praise the LORD! It's a new month! and I am glad you made it! We made it! All thanks to God for his grace, so i welcome you to the month of fruitfulness, plenty and speedy delivery of God's good bounties made available on the platform of his grace!

If you are on twitter watch out for my hashtag #Grace where I will share a scripture on Grace everyday of the month by God's leading and help. You can follow me on

Also watch out for new series of inspirational articles, poems and book reviews all through the month,

May this be for us all 720 hours of Fruitfulness and Productivity.

May it be 43200 minutes of God's Protection,Favour and Prosperity.

It shall be a 30 days of Grace for us all in Jesus' mighty name.

Welcome to the Month of September!

Happy new month!

A product of Grace

Emmanuel Ayeni