Wednesday, June 15, 2016


1.       The Law of cause and effect. This law is age-long and still remains valid and true. The results you have are a direct product of the rules and principles you choose to obey. So everything you do along a certain line gives birth to an effect.
2.       Trust in God. There is no amount of words written or spoken that can explain enough the place of trusting in God. When all else fails, God never fails, this is the secret to life-long victory.
3.       Observe the Law of Honour: The code of honour creates access into the halls of Greatness. Honour God, Honour every established and structured authority in your niche. Honouring God is the key to perpetual increase and abundance.
4.       Lay High Premium on Wisdom: The value of wisdom cannot be overemphasized, the value of Wisdom. Wealth and Wellness are twins found in the house of Wisdom. Wisdom is the store house of true riches and longevity.
5.       Never make any decision in Fear: We make decisions everytime, infact, 35,000 everyday. However, Great decisions aren’t made out of fear. Make quality decisions with your heart or gut from a position of trust and faith in God.
6.     Go deep. Treasures are rarely found on the surface, things that are worthwile take efforts, time and a strong focus. There is a level of knowledge in God that breaks up all depths and releases the dew of wisdom from all clouds

7.       Choose your fights. You need to always choose your battles, don’t get your precious resources of time and efforts get used up in a fight that isn’t yours or pays no premium to you. Often times you will need to fight. However, choose your fight and what motivates you. Meanwhile, do as much good as you can while you can and where you can. You or someone will need this someday,

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Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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