Monday, March 11, 2013


While pondering on the issue of development across nations and different strata of the society, I inquired about the reason for the wide gap between developed and developing societies, advanced and less advanced continents and the rich and poor, and amongst myriads of reasons, I discovered a striking cause- the TIME FACTOR! With the same amount of time, each one has been able to do something more worthwhile than the other.

A sage once made an illustration that drives this thought home. According to Him, all men are born equal; we were all born naked, crying and with tightly closed fists. We brought nothing into this world other than ‘something’ which was held in our tightly closed fists. That invisible ‘thing‘ is called TIME and all men have equal measure of it.

If every man around the world and through the lines of history have always had the same quantity of time, what then could be responsible for the backwardness or progression of one society and the other? Well, I figured out every two distinct continents, nations, or societies with varied degree of civilization have always had a major difference in their attitude and approach towards time.

Over time, developed continents, nations and societies, be it in America or Europe, have always done with their time, more significant activities than have been done by their developing or underdeveloped counterparts in Africa or Asia. All inventions in history are valid outcomes of wise investment of time.

Doing things differently within the space of time has shaped civilizations and functioned as a major tool in development rather than the availability of vast mineral resources. While one society pays attention to research and development to improve general living conditions, another pays its own to the survival of its privileged citizens.

While one country pays attention to global issues to increase her relevance and position as a renowned solutions provider, the other pays attention to being the consumer of imported goods and beneficiary of foreign aids.

While the stakeholders in forward thinking societies continue to invest time to pave new ways for generations yet unborn, those in disadvantaged economies beg the question.

The record of poor time management set by both policy makers and the average populace of the society is an underlying cause of backwardness in any third world country today.

This among other factors has created the difference in what each society has been able to achieve within the same space of time. Time indeed is a factor to reckon with; invest it wisely.

Till a later date,

AYENI, Emmanuel O.

Twitter: @emmandus


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