Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Our journey to greatness isn't always with a sudden leap. We always have to go through the depths, the curves and the bends. A straight line usually is the shortest distance between two points, yet not many straight lines exist between you and your goals, but the destination predetermined always helps our resolve to forge ahead and to keep moving.
In the same way, you might possibly drive or walk through some sinking sand where all you got to do is to keep moving and never stop forging ahead. If you choose your path carefully; then you should choose to enjoy the journey.
A journey is a continuum in time, we explored some aspects of this in the journey series.
At some points in a journey, you possibly would get into a valley or a storm but be persuaded the valley usually is a transition phase between another level ground or the mountain top. One lesson in the storm is to know that God is always in the storm; He is not the storm nor is He with the storm but He is with you in the Storm.
You can either endure or enjoy a journey, the main tone of my voice today is to just enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the journey!

Your Billion-dollar friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni

Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur