Friday, May 29, 2015


May 29th is the anniversary of democracy in Nigeria, what makes this different is the fact that it is a transitional one. Today the baton of power has changed hands from Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the former Vice President Arch. Aliyu Sambo to Gen. Muhammad Buhari and Prof. Osibajo the new President and Vice President, respectively, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It is no more news that these are challenging times for anyone who wins the election. The expectations are high. From issues regarding Security- in tackling Boko  Haram sects, Fuel subsidy , Energy situation in Nigeria, Education, our Foreign Reserves and lots more, the new occupants of the Aso Rock have a lot of work to do, Nigerians and as well the international community does not expect less in their delivery and execution of the change mandate they promise- the very wave that brought them into the office at the polls.
Change is here. A change in the occupant of the seat of power at the presidential level and consequently at different levels in turn- Gubernatorial and at legislative quarters changes many things. Q new wave of power will always have a new set of people rise with it.
As we congratulate our new President and his Vice President and as we expect the delivery of a new Nigeria, waiting to see the positive face of change, we must understand that, Change delivery is the collective responsibility of Nigerians, If we all, over140 million Nigerians will be the voice and agents of change in our various spheres, circles across all strata, we all will arrive at the shores of a new Nigeria- the greatest country to live, in the world sooner than we expect. Please read Mr President's inaugural speech shared in the next post.

Cheers to a new Nigeria!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur