Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I have not seen a complete movie for some weeks now, while I have not been to the cinema in a while , I have also been paying less attention to the TV and I have only seen shot videos and documentaries- this might be a pointer to current and future trend in the media..If video will be responsible for 60-80% of data usage say by 2020 according to most popular Telecomms vendor forecast, then, I figure most of these will be from short videos.

I recently bought a copy of  The Strategies,a Christian drama film by MountZion, Faith Ministries I just finished watching the video and thought to share a brief review with you.
The Strategies( Well, as an Idea and innovations guy, I have been interested in Strategy topics these days...and above all Execution), is a movie about ministry and our walk with God. It placed side by side two men of God who set out in ministry at same time but with different focus and different values and this shaped differently their eventual achievements, walk  and work with the Lord. I believe every believer (of course nonbeliever too)especially every minister of the gospel needs to watch this video as there are lots of lessons to learn from the movie written by Gloria Bamiloye and Directed by Mike Bamiloye a production of Mount Zion Film productions Nigeria.
Mountzion is one of the leading Gospel drama outfits in Nigeria and Africa others that I know of are POGEM, GACEM, and many great ones I can remember for (please feel  free to remind us of others in the comments sections)

Key Lessons from this movie:
1. Follow the Master...Keep your eyes on Jesus, the master who called you into the ministry not on some other Ministers' or Godfathers.
2.Beware where you go for counsels through that many have entered into different schemes or societies unwittingly .
3. God has a plan..if He calls you He is faithful.
4. Do not merchandize the anointing ...ministry isn't a money making venture.(You heard me clearly..)
5. God is a just and honest Rewarder of every labor, be diligent and faithful to the Master and be heaven conscious.
6. Heed the God given, bible based  counsel of your spiritual mentor or father .Its never too late to turn back from the wrong ways..
7. Unite in Love with your wife in Kingdom service, you become an unbeatable team.

Well, I have been blessed watching the movie and technically, the lighting ,sound and continuity were splendid. A great job was done in this production and the delivery better. I hope to watch more  and review more christian dramas from now on as a new commitment . You definitely need to pick up a copy of these movie and watch and share with your pastor friends.
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Be blessed!

Emmanuel Ayeni
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