Tuesday, May 5, 2020

🔥Read this Carefully If You Missed Yesterday's Money Mastery Class...

🔥Read this Carefully If You Missed Yesterday's Money Mastery Class...
Yesterday night was terrific! We had an amazing time in the Wealth Mastery Academy on WhatsApp, where I trained over 200 people on Wealth Creation Strategies that will help them end all their money worries,fast track their journey to financial Freedom and increase their Financial Intelligence.

For over 2 hours we looked at altering and correcting limiting beliefs, practical steps to making consistent multiple income streams and action steps to setting up passive income and becoming financially free.

I know you didn't get the information about this, don't worry, I got you covered.

You can choose to be in the next edition holding on Saturday.


I have put together this 3 Hour Intensive Financial Freedom Master Class where I will take you deeply into all we shared yesterday that you need to become Financially Free and I will answer all your questions, so you can end all your worries about extra income, money or wealth Creation. Once and for all.

This Saturday 9th May, 2020 9am to 12pm
I will host 100 people in a closed WhatsApp group on Money Mastery sharing deeply on Vehicles and Strategies for Wealth Creation.

In the Money Mastery Masterclass.

You Will Learn:

1. How to Master and be in Control of Your Money

2. Tracking and Fast tracking Your Journey to Financial Freedom

3. 7 facts No One Told You About Money Mastery

4. 10 Ways to Becoming a Money Magnet,here and right now

5. 20 + Ways You Can Make up to N1million per month or even more..

6. List of over 50 businesses you can start with N50,000 or less

7. Sure Ways to Make Daily Money with your WhatsApp

8. How to Create Multiple income streams

9. 5 Ways to create Passive Income

🔥Bonus.. 12 Hot Money Making Ebooks

  1. • 11 Hot Selected Money Making Internet Marketing Ebooks on Instant Fiverr Goldrush, Facebook Profits, Twitter Income, Instagram Marketing and Copywriting Blueprint. (Worth over N37,000)
  2. • A Free Copy of My Own Fast selling Ebook: The One Million Naira Report: 20+ Ways To Make One Million Naira Every Month (N3700)

How much will this 3 Hour Intensive Money Mastery Training cost You?

This 3 Hour Class is worth over N100,000, the bonuses alone are worth over N50,000

You will not be paying N100,000 for this class

I will not be charging you N50,000 for this class and ALL the bonus

No, Not even my usual N10,000 discounted price.

Instead, this is what I will do...

I am Crashing down the price from N10,000 down to N1,000 for the first 50 Action takers.

Why am I doing this?

If you followed me closely you know I am all about empowering people and helping them end all money worries.

I know what it means to need more options as a onetime road-side Book Seller.

I know what it means to have more options, so I want to share same strategies that has worked for me and over 1000 people I have trained online and offline over the last 5 years.

This is why I chose to help more people in a time like this by crashing down the price from N10,000 to N1,000 if only you are among the early action takers.

The first 50 Action takers also get an extra Bonus a copy of my book #WriteToEarn: 13 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money Writing Online

To Register or Join the Class
Simply Transfer N1000 to
GTBANK 0049694795

Then send in the payment details to WhatsApp (07033875827)

wa.me/2347033875827 to be added to Class.

I celebrate Your Fastrack to Financial Freedom Already!

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am Emmanuel O. Ayeni

PS: If you are joining from outside Nigeria send in a message to 07033875827 to pay $25 for this virtual class.