Tuesday, August 21, 2018


It was evening time and by now they were climbing the last lap of the mountain.
They had heard about others who wished they had visited the sage mountain like them, they also heard about the few who embarked on this journey but never had the strength or courage to finish.

The trio stepped off the mountain track and fell on the level grassland on the mountain, it was the only table land they have seen in days.

While they tried to catch their breath wondering how to find their way to the house of the legendary bearded Sage they seek for wisdom and insight.

By this time, the stars were dotting the blue skies, the cool air kissed their tired skins and they were little bothered about the possible dangers that might be lurking around this unknown place which will be their home for days.

All of a sudden, a strong but silvery voice out of the blue, jolted them up.

Lagbaja who was always prone to fear sprang up on his tired feet ready to pick a race.
Tamedun opened his sleepy eyes, looking up and setting his gaze on the figure standing before him, he sat up and tapped Lamedun who still laid on the floor.
This man stood tall in a white robe adorned with a black belt around his waist, he motioned to them with his muscular arm to rise and continued with his words...

"Welcome once again Lamorin,Lagabaja and Tamedun to the sage mountain,"

They were awestruck wondering how he knew their names,

My name is Iranse. I am taking you to the place prepared for you,please make yourselves comfortable here...

* * *
The meal was good, they seemed somewhat satisfied, all they needed now would be a good night rest.

The beautiful lady who served dinner announced, "We still have more food to go around"

Iranse, now said to them, "you can have more now, there is always a second chance"
Lagbada cuts in "...but in real life there are no second chances, "

"This is real life and there are second chances, only most people don't recognize it."

Tamedun then asked " why are there second chances in life and why don't many people get a chance or a second chance in life"

Iranse smiled, " you have asked many questions in one, although the Sage will answer your many questions while you are here, I will do well to answer these ones while you finish your dinner"

They both went on for more only to observe that Lamorin was now satisfying his huge appetite already with a third serving and rounding it off with some apples.

After they had all eaten to their satisfaction, Iranse walked them off to their room he answered their questions one after the other..

Then he waved and said to them as he turned back...

"Tomorrow by 6am you will have your first meeting with the Sage"


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