Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's been a great day. I can't but be grateful to God for journey mercy-over 6 hours of traveling on Nigerian roads and arriving at my destination safe and sound.
Moving by the gratitude plan, I will thank God for a person that has influenced me. We meet people everyday and every time but they impact us
in different ways.
I have been positively influenced by a number of people over the years,yet I am grateful for someone who had influenced me positively- especially into the world of good books,
self help books- My elder sister. She always brought home some christian literature and self help books from her college's library, and I found them so wonderful, from reading Gifted hands by Ben Carson, to reading Power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and other amazing books by John Maxwell.These books all whetted my appetite for more , till I went for more great books by Zig Ziglar at the state library. The works of Zig Ziglar influenced me more into the world of motivation and a bit of selling.
I thank God for all the wonderful people who influenced me, most especially my elder sister, Layo.

With all Gratitude,

Emmanuel Ayeni