Thursday, December 24, 2015


I had this thoughts on my mind many days ago and I will blog it anyways...

Many things on my mind today, from greater need to study more for a last academic exam,the need to create greater value for the great people in my circle and the launching of my new book couple of weeks from now. All is in priority... It's another great day and I am excited and grateful to God for I am blessed and highly favored.
You cannot give what you don't have.I have published about 10 articles in Nigeria's Punch Newspaper, I have published over 400 inspirational blogposts over thlast 5 years on my blog , I prepare to launch my first and new book BRIGHT IDEAS a couple of weeks from now.
However, I am more excited about my new project, which is to inspire thousands of Youths in Youth groups, schools, Colleges and in NGOs and religious and non-religious organizations.I will bring more information on all these as I continue to meet with Organizations and make more concrete plans.
I am constantly thinking on ways to add more value to people in my circle, and the wealth of knowledge from YALI courses continue to add more to my repertoire of invaluable resources.I must confess without mincing words YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) is making me a better Leader at work, in business and in my personal endeavors.
I am making new addition to my YALI certificates.

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