Friday, October 19, 2012


Somebody once said, ‘the future comes a minute at a time’; This means today is actually the future we spoke about yesterday. It therefore shows that most times, the future is not always as far away as we always think.

The future spans through the next few unpredicted minutes and moments to days ,weeks, months and perhaps many more years to come. However far the future may seem, one certain thing is that, it will surely come. The surprising fact is that it takes people unawares most of the time.

Since the future will always come with the tickling of the hands of the clock, no matter how much its covered in the cloak of uncertainty , then the most important thing is to be prepared when it comes.

Getting yourself prepared for the future is highly important like Abraham Lincoln said “I will study and wait opportunity will surely come”. This quote unlocks some truths about the future.

(i). The Future Unlocks opportunity: The future is always full of resplendent opportunities, this is the positive driving force behind life and the most high flyers know this and as such they never waste their energy on the disappointments of the past, take a cue from them. Draw your lessons from the past, pay close attention to the present with a clear focus that the future is always replete unlimited opportunities.

(ii). You have to Study: Yes! You heard me right, Study. A bowler once said, “the secret to my great game is I do not focus on where the ball is but I go to where the ball will be”. What a unique lesson! You should always do the same. You must study what is the position of things now and what the trend will be in the future, you must have both the microscopic and telescopic view of things. Study the trend!

(iii). Wait for the future: This is an ironical and paradoxical part of the whole process, You will need to wait for the future to come, however, waiting doesn’t connote a state of idleness No! It simply reveals the need for both a high degree of patience and preparation. You need patience to get settled and conserve your precious resources of time, efforts and energy, while you need a great deal of preparation in terms of strategic planning, clear thinking, active goal setting and above all fervent prayers to be positioned for the opportunities of the future.

(iv). Step into the Future: You have studied, planned , strategized and even prayed. Now is the time to take action. In the same way an athlete prepares for a race, you have spent a great deal of time preparing and you are aware the future holds myriad of opportunities you have always waited for, your main aim now is to step into it and achieve all you have ever dreamt of.

If you have done your homework carefully well, then you will be ready and will wear a broad smile when the future arrives with opportunities presenting themselves to you.

So I challenge you to put forth your right foot and take a great leap of faith because the FUTURE IS HERE!

I celebrate already, your greatness!

Emmanuel O. Ayeni




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