Tuesday, June 30, 2020


The reason many do not achieve success is not because they lack the knowledge or the skills, it is usually because they lack a good accountability partner or system.

Set up a good accountability system, this could be a partner or a hired coach, usually a hired accountant ability coach fires you up.

One of the things an accountability coach does with you is walks with you along the way so you can go farther, you know the saying " to go faster go alone to go farther go with many" but in this you go further and farther because you chose to fly your way there with an instructor or hired Coach.

An accountability Coach also gives you clarity helping you clear your own limiting beliefs and mindset, inner or outer boundaries as it were.

Working with an accountability Coach also helps you look at your big picture without losing sights of the smaller, finer details buy making sure you set out actionable steps to your S.M.A.R.T goals.

An accountability coach might work with you from 15-30 minute sessions, 7 days or for one full month depending on what goals you are working on and the duration of your goal or when it takes to habitualize and build a supporting system.

Commitment and Accountability are the overall key words in this.

This is why I am giving out different packages of my Accountability coaching programme from 15 minutes calls , 7 days or for one full month sessions depending on what goals you are working on and the duration.

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I provide an intensive one-on-one Life-coaching for clients providing clarity and accountability in 3-7 days using different tools and world-class coaching framework and models.

All sessions are online by emails, WhatsApp and ZOOM with a 15 minute or more scheduled live call / telephone coaching session.

This is the missing link between your ideas and results, the bridge between your goals, strategies and their timely execution.

I also provide cutting edge coaching frame work to get you to the advantage side in  career, personal finance, coaching gets you out of inaction, procrastination, depression or recession.

These set of world-class coaching frameworks and principles have been applied to career,relationship, business, dating and other issues with outstanding success over the past 15 years.

I look forward to working with you and unlocking a new level of transformation.

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Emmanuel Ayeni

EMMANDUS Consulting

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How to Make Minimum $100 a Day or a Week on Fiverr as a New Freelancer..

What can An Extra $100 A Day, A week or a month Do For you?

How Will It make You Feel?


So let me share with you real quick...

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that help people all over the world showcase their skills and services for as low as $5 per task as your fiverr earnings.

Users can scale up to higher packages based on experience and creativity while providing services called "Fiverr Gigs" .

This is a platform where you can start with nothing but a skill or talent and earn some hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly without renting a shop with smart work and patience.

You can also outsource different tasks for a reasonable budget on Fiverr after your fiverr signup as a fiverr buyer or fiverr seller.

Fiverr is one of the many freelancing apps available today, upwork is another popular one.

Now, you can set up your gig and get paid for these services daily or weekly depending on categories and how you go about it.
Imagine making for instance $100 a week (this is a minimum and simple case study, you can make more in a day.)

In a month that will be $400 and after withdrawal or commisions etc you will have well over $300 this is about N120,000 with the current US Dollar - Nigerian Naira exchange rate.
You can then go on to withdraw and save or invest some or all of it (even if you don't need the money) in a savings account, a special fund or a piggy bank or app like Piggyvest.

At the end of the year you will have over $3500 or at least an extra $2500 (N1,000,000) in savings or investments, remember this is a basic estimate, it can be less or even more.
What will that do for your financial freedom plan?

This is a workable plan and you can set it up yourself, however to achieve a new level of results you need a new level of knowledge and implementation..
I am all about helping people end their money worries and fast track their journey to financial freedom with financial intelligence.
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Emmanuel O. Ayeni
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I am Emmanuel Ayeni




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