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#TE11 was a great success. I attended live and was so blessed to just worhsip God withg thousands of other worshippers. The testimony shared by one of the artistes was really inspiring and powerful...

The Travis Greene Story
Dream Studios took a few moments of Travis Greene's time to chat with the gospel recording artist about his ministry and music.
Travis Greene has one of those remarkable stories you only read about from someone else. He was born in Delaware, near New York, but grew up in Columbus, Georgia and also spent some time in Warner Robins.
When Travis Greene entered into this world still-born he was declared dead. His mother – Minister Charleather Greene – called on the name of the Lord and God answered and brought her baby boy back to life. At the tender age of four, Travis fell from the window of the family’s fourth floor apartment in Germany.
Someone advised his mom that her toddler was dead and by the time she got outside a white sheet had been pulled over his face. As she picked up the lifeless body of her child she called on the name of Jesus two times and nothing happened. The third time she cried out “The Blood of Jesus!” and Travis was given back his life. While this transpired in the natural, what happened in the supernatural is an occurrence that has forever made an indelible imprint in the life of Travis Greene. As he fell from the window, Travis remembers that a giant hand accompanied by a very bright light caught him.
The voice asked, “Do you want to go with your Mom or do you want to come home with me?” Four-year-old Travis answered, “I want my Mom.” The voice said, “OK, go home to your mom, but the next time, you’re coming home with me.” Inquisitively Travis asked, “Sir, what is your name?” The voice answered, “My name is Jesus.”

Shortly after this life-altering experience in 1989, Travis’ father suddenly died of an aneurysm and he became very passionate about music. “It was God’s way of giving me an escape from tragedy and crisis. I turned to the keyboard instead of to drugs and the streets. Any instrument I put my hands on I was able to play,” explained Travis.
In our interview, Travis expounds on his ministry and experience: DS: Where does your passion for music come from? TG: I surround myself with things and people who inspire me. Whether it's going to the movies or going to a sports game, I get inspiration from everywhere. I love crowds! I love going to the mall and looking at folks. I get inspiration from that. People think that's strange, but it works for me. DS: Have you always known that you were destined to work with music or was it revealed to you later on in life? TG: I've always known it. If I forgot it, I'd be reminded by some preacher ...I don't ever lose the excitement of it all, because of all what I've been through to get here. I've gone through a lot to get here. DS: Talk about your college experience and what "getting off the track of holiness" was like? TG: Weirdly enough, as weird as this sounds...I think it was divinely inspired that [I got off track]. It did more positive than negative. It gave me a heart for sinners. Unless you've been in a situation that's hard to get out of, you would never understand what those hard situations are like. [The experience] gave me a heart and allowed me to be more relevant in my ministry because I get it. I understand what [these] kids in college go through. DS: What was the most difficult experiences you witnessed during that time? TG: I saw college kids wanting to do better but couldn't because of the pressures around them. People were falling short pf the changes they wanted in their lives. Seeing that was difficult for me. DS: What is your sole mission on earth? TG: My sole mission is to live for the glory of God. A lot of musicians have minimized the experience of Jesus Christ. What works, the only thing that works, is having a personal relationship with Jesus. What I'm trying to do is expose people to the glory of God. Developing a deep passion and love for Christ will bring about that change. DS: The world is still reeling following the shock of what happened in Japan. What should our hearts and minds be on right now? TG: In the midst of something we are being touched indirectly by what's happening. Our hearts and minds ought to be in two places. We ought to be feeling gratitude for not being in that situation and at the same time, interceding for the thousands that have been affected. DS: What has been your experience with Dahl, Val, Kahlil and Dream Studios? TG: Some of my most amazing moments have been with Dahl and [the Dream Studios family]. Total joy comes to my mind. I enjoyed evey minute of it. Dahl has a tremendous understanding for music. ~ Daily Dream Dose

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