Sunday, September 21, 2014


DAY 10 of 30

Today I am grateful to GOD for financial blessings. Today being a sunday, i love to do a spirituality post. At the same time I will love to share personal stories as well.
I have been blessed in so many ways financially and i might just sight some instances, the reason i will share a few personal stories is to break the ice. You know most times we live in cultures where people feel rather uncomfortable to talk about money, it is even very common to find couples not really open to discussion on finances and yet this is very crucial to the health of any relationship
Some moments of financial blessings I remember was when I was home from the Polytechnic and as a young guy, my mum handed me some thousands of naira (a few hundred dollars) , to buy some clothes for myself- wow! that was about 10 years ago and for me that was much,so I went on bought myself the nicest bagggy jeans and stuffs like that and i did got some shares of a particular bank...For me that experience of receiving that financial blessing was more to me than the money or the stuffs i bought with them. It was both a lesson in giving and parenting... I am grateful for this blessing.
One similar situation was when i received another sum- some thousands of naira (a few hundred dollars) from my Dad, for my registration, school fees and accommodation when I gained admission to the University. I believed that was also a phenomenal financial blessing to me.
One afternoon while working as an intern and resident consultant at a construction site, an elderly Engineer wrote me a cheque and shook my hands and said with a smile, "we appreciate your efforts" that also was a moment of financial blessing.
One recent financial blessing was also when i received my first Google cheque -a few hundred dollars, ( I might share more of these later or in person..) Another instance was when I made my first earnings in Network Marketing and I still did weeks ago ( as a matter of fact, our company A2W, pays weekly in dollars!)
I have been blessed to receive financial blessings from a free bus ticket to other huge financial blessings and I am grateful to God for them all.
It's God's desire that we experience financial blessings through different means everyday of our lives. This is becaue there is enough money in the world to be made and to move around- lots of money!

I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health—that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul! 3 John 1:2 MSG

The more grateful we are for God's financial blessings the better positioned we are to receive more from the abundance that exists.

Forever grateful,

Emmanuel Ayeni