Monday, June 8, 2015



(Today I am doing something unique, sharing my live Monday Twitter class #RiseToGreatness ahead of its 8am take off time with my blog audience and close on!)

Emmanuel Ayeni
Twitter: @emmandus #RiseToGreatness

It's a great day! And it's nice bringing a fresh edition of #RiseToGreatness

Today, I like to speak on Be the Light
Light has a unique property and characteristic.
Science has proven that Light is capable of existing in two forms as a particle and as a wave.

Never underestimate the power of a little speck of light, you only need to bring many more together to grow its intensity.

Wave is a disturbance, so light can be a disturbance to those who dwell in the dark.

A wave transmits energy in its course, so light goes along with good energy as it travels along.

The angle of incidence of light is same as the angle of its reflection. So light behaves in a way to justify the effects of a particular cause.

The most profound destiny of light is to shine, illuminate and to intensify a view.

Every one has a measure of light but it's all in our power to make it shine .

Jesus said Let your light shine before men, they will see it and glorify your Father in heaven.

It is the single destiny of light to shine.
The greatest threat and lasting solution to darkness isn't wailing or panicking, but  Shining...

We must always shine in character and good works before good words. Great walks before great talks.

Great deeds will trump great needs when we choose to Shine!

And in Marianne Williamson's words; by shining we give others permission to do the same- shine

By being the light others receive freely from your light and they shine in their full brightness.
Shine where you are; Lead, inspire , influence , motivate and innovate with a difference.

Please say with me today; I am an exemplary leader. Today I make conscious effort to shine, I am the light of the world a city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Rise To Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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