Saturday, February 3, 2024


 Something Interesting happened in the early hours of today!. 😂😂

Early this morning while working  on the computer, and listening along to many livestreams, podcasts and messages  from HGS with Daddy GO, to Apostle Selman,  at some point, I needed a material from one of my drives, I had some instinct to try out again my old google drive that I have made all attempts to retrieve in past 2 years.

Voila! I got access into my first gmail account that I had lost access to over  2 years ago.

It is important to me because even though I backed up many items, my adsense account, the backend to my blog, my first YouTube  channel and some other data are  linked to that account.

I believe God has many ways of coming through for me and all of us.

Let's keep staying in Gratitude.

Keep Rising to Greatness,

I am  Emmanuel Ayeni