Saturday, January 27, 2018


One day I stood on the top of a high rise 4? story building with my cousin several years ago,  and he said to me" it's going to rain" I looked around and at the sky there was no slight cloudy indication of rain, so I asked him " How did you know? " because the weather was still the same.

He smiled "I can smell it" my eyes popped up "Wow!  Really...?" he replied "Yes,  rain smells and I can smell when it's about to rain.

Beyond the smells of rain, which I believe not many people can perceive, there are a thousand and one smells that can be easily perceived, many of which are a part of our daily life.

The wonderful fragrances of exotic perfumes ( I love nice perfumes) ,  air-freshners in an exotic setting and the sweet smell of roses,   petals of different species of other flowers scenting into the cool evening air while walking through an orchard leaves so much appreciation for the sense of smell.

What about the lovely smell of a well wrapped new born baby, the fine smell of minted notes and the wonderful aroma of a well prepared delicacy?

All these leave me with thoughts of gratitude for all the wonderful smells that form part of our lives and the ability to perceive them.

I sincerely believe, He has not truly lived who can not perceive the smells and the many fragrances of life.

Stay Grateful,

Emmanuel Ayeni
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Emmanuel Ayeni


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