Sunday, June 12, 2016


It was a lovely day in church today. I am always excited when I am privileged to be in God’s presence. I believe, God’s presence is the best place to be on the earth, the amazing thing is, He is Omnipresent, hence, I  join church online a lot while away to answer my job duty calls on some Sundays, however there are great blessings  and benefits when we fellowship in Church with other believers. I was in church today and it was glorious…

I hope you learn or are blessed from my message note today...

Gates of Zion.. RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God) Area 004,  Berger,Lagos Province 5  12/6/2016
Theme: A table in the Wilderness Psalm78:17-29, John, 
Bible reading : 2Timothy. 2:19, Ephesians 3:13 and 14.
Teaching weekend:  Measuring to the stature of the fullness of Christ..

My message note Message:
Preacher: Pastor Akinyemi.. 
Topic:God has a standard and it takes grace to measure up to that standard. 
Matthew 5:48,
Our God can not compromise His standard,  Malachi 3:6,2Tim 2:19.
1. Standard of Holiness. Lev 19:2, 2Tim2:21. We must measure up to his standard of holiness 
2. Standard of love..God's  nature is love,He already loves us. 1John4:8,  Matt 5:44, Love can be shown by praying for others
3.Standard of faith. Hebrews11:3, Faith in Him is key to our exploits here on earth. 
4. Standard of Obedience: Isaiah 45:11,
5. Standard of hardwork.. our God isn't lazy,  he worked for 6 days, did 6 nights to build the world and rested on the 7th day.God has promised greatness to only the hard working.. we must be hardworking in career, secular business and spiritual  things.. word, prayers and evangelism.  Prov22:29.
Those who fell below God's standards. 
1. Adam and Eve. Lost the first estate_Eden
2.Moses. a little compromise 
3.Samson lost it to sinful pleasure Delilah
4. Saul
5.Eli failed in his parenting responsibility and lost the priestly heritage
6.Judas. betrayed Christ
People who stayed true to the Standard. 
1. Ruth. 
2. Daniel and his friends. Dan.1:20,
3.Samuel he walked in his prophetic calling and led a nation
How to measure to His standard 
1.purge yourself 2Cor 7:1
2. We need to evangelise more 2Tim2:1
3.  We need to be More compassionate John14:12.
4.Jesus should be our standard. 
God will spare no man who goes against his standard.


There is a void in everyone, people try to fill it with different things friends, more toys, food or drugs…
We are made so, we are all created this way to seek a higher form, a higher level of consciousness…this is the void which nothing can fill no matter what…only God can satisfy  this craving. Only God can fill this void. We enter into a new reality when we turn to God by accepting the Lord Jesus as our personal Lord and savior.

Father God , I come unto you  through your son Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and rose again on the 3rd day. Lord Jesus, I confess and forsake my sins and bad deeds and turn to you,come into my life today, forgive my sins, wash me with your precious blood, fill me with your wonderful Holy Spirit  and make me totally yours today. I am born again and Free In JESUS NAME.
If you prayed that payer, you have just become born again. Welcome to God’s family.You need to fellowship with a body of believers around you who preach the true and full gospel of Jesus Christ  to help you grow and support your new decision with regular bible study and prayer. You can reach me for other inquiries or support at +2347033875827. Congratulations!

Emmanuel Ayeni
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