Wednesday, October 15, 2014



1. The first key to manifesting anything mentally,socially, physically,financially,relationship-wise or spiritually is first rooted in abundance. The belief and faith that all that you really need exists in the universe, and if it were not, it would be created. So you cannot receive anything you do not believe already exists.

2. Everything freely exist and is available to you on the proportion of your own belief, you can only be limited by your own ignorance, inactivity or doubt. Everything is available and possible to the man who believes .

3. In the school of abundance, free doesn't connote cheap or worthless. everything comes at a price and when it's free someone really did pay for it. You don't pay God for oxygen, yet it's an invaluable resource any one would pay billions for. If access to oxygen were to be decided by wealth, the 90% of people in the world's rat race would have little chance of survival until they really manifest their own wealth.

4. That it is expensive, does not always connote scarcity. It usually means that is a measure of value placed on it. In this article i will refer to the analogy of the air so much. it exists freely in nature and yet it could be expensive yet it isn't scarce. Oxygen exists freely in nature,yet it could be a high bill to have someone supported on oxygen bill's monthly for at least a whole year. It freely exist yet it is invaluable, to the person on life-support,it's worth much more in value and it is now at a commercial cost.

5. The existence of abundance isn't an avenue for laziness. It doesn't mean you will do nothing. It rather means for every effort you increase the chances of attaining the desired results. Even though the air exists freely with oxygen in unlimited supply, you have to breathe it in, you will play an active part in the respiration process.

6. Abundance only comes to those who have been qualified in the good use and management of what was already supplied. The reward for a successful work is more responsibility. If you put what was already supplied to good use, more will be given to you.

7. Abundance is a state of the mind. one man sees a cup as half filled another sees it as half empty.The mind is the door way to a life of abundance. It is out of the abundance of the heart that a man speaks. Abundant thought life is a requirement for the abundant life.