Thursday, November 25, 2010



What is greatness and to what can it really be likened? How exactly shall we proceed to get an exhaustive definition of a topic which has commanded so great attention? In this piece we will inquire into a subject which has been the pursuit of so many but have only been achieved by few. Enjoy It!

Greatness is synonymous with such things as are of an exceptionally high quality, it is of such things that command great admiration and respect. It describes the attributes of someone or something that makes it to be held in high regard, in fact we could probably say it depicts such things that are of outstanding or excellent significance.

The Encarta Thesaurus defines greatness as distinction, vastness, largeness or prominence.Greatness is an exceptional quality that has really separated people and things into their different leagues.

For instance , greatness has over the years, in different fields of endeavor, separated people from themselves in terms of achievement and results. Therefore, to stand out, you must always be willing to reach for greatness.

Here are 4 Keys that will be of help to you in reaching for greatness.

1.Desire to be Great: This is the first key. Let greatness be an obsession.Yes!You must have a burning desire to excel in the exact area that means so much to you, understand the factors relating to greatness and how it will affect your results in life. Desire to be a person of great habits, choose so much to be a person of outstanding skills, strive to always exhibit great character strength, that is what our country needs at this time.

2.Begin Today : you must then begin from today to be a person of greatness by finding out what it is you can do to be great and start doing it, Never get tired, learn as much as you can and do as much as you can, this will keep you focused on the road to greatness.

3.Help Somebody Else attain Greatness: If you really want to be great, then go ahead and help somebody else become great, give them the right information, answer their puzzling questions provide the little chance you can for them to achieve their dreams and be great. Whatever you make happen for others, has a way of coming back to happen to you too.

4.Model great people: People who have achieved a certain measure of greatness at one time or the other have always had a ‘formula’ or recipe which has always worked for them, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and study the lives of people of genuine greatness in your field, read a book about them learn all you can about them apply some of their tested principles and you would, sooner than you least expected reproduce their success without much measure of difficulty. In the words of William Shakespeare, 'Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them'. Go and achieve greatness for yourself and for Nigeria!
Your Great Friend
Ayeni Emmanuel O.