Saturday, February 7, 2015


I like to tell a little story that shows how important the value of understanding is.
A man made a journey to a big village and after walking in the hot sun entered the gate and saw different houses,However he saw one which stood out so he asked a man 'who owns this big house?" 'ban fahimce ka' the man replied
In his own language
Wow he must be a rich man the stranger said to himself. So he continued on his journey
When he got to another part of the village, he saw different beautiful women going to stream and asked a woman "whose wives are these. And the woman replied " ban fahimce ka"
Wow! This man must be very great
And after a while he saw many cattle and asked a small boy "who owns this herds of cattle?"
'ban fahimce ka' the boy said
Indeed he must be a rich chief in this village
So he finally arrived at a house where many people were crying and he asked who died? 'ban fahimce ka' he was told.
Then he concluded this man despite all he had just died, what a world..!
But you see,what the stranger realised after a while was that  "ban fahimce ka" was actually no body's name, It only meant "I don't UNDERSTAND you" In their language.

The moral of this story is that, understanding is key to how we interpret issues.