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Define Your Relationship...
Jesus came to the world and made a great mark-He fulfilled God's will, saving and redeeming mankind back to himself,
He didn't do it alone...He needed people to reach people. He believed in people yet he never took for granted the weaknesses and the tendencies of those  with whom he usually came in contact . Hence, he defined his relationships, this was clearly seen in the levels and the nature of the relationship he maintained.

Jesus and the World...
Jesus came for the world, this was the main definition of his mission statement. he was born in the middle east in Israel growing up in  Nazareth and isolated village in His time but at 2014 had a total population of over 74,000 and currently the  capital and the largest city in the Northern District of Israel..Jesus understood how God so much loved the world to send His only son to the world-hence hew knew the scope of his mission was to all the world from Jericho to Jerusalem, from Judea to Jalingo, from Lagos to Los angeles even beyond the ends of Quebec into Qatar.  So he went anywhere he could starting from Israel; but to reach everywhere, he had a succession plan to enable him reach everywhere through his disciples even after his death and resurrection. Jesus wants to turn and redeem the whole  world back to God.

Jesus and the Seventy...
To reach the world, Jesus had to begin from a strategic point. A prototype of the entire world, he chose 70. Jesus strategically chose and sent his emissaries bearing his power and anointing into all cities even before he himself went there. These were the seventy , he paired them up in twos called, empowered and sent them to liberate every one they come across while spreading the vital message of the Kingdom.

Jesus and the Twelve
This is what we  can easily call the Jesus company.These are the ones who not only have met with Jesus, they have wined and dined with Him. They have seen Jesus strong and minister with power, they have seen Him relax and sleep while tired and resting from fatigue, they have seen him eat, drink, pray and they have learnt his ways.These were called to not only to be sent alone, they were to be with Him . Jesus understood man to the very thoughts and knew quite well that a  traitor would come from amongst them  

Jesus and the Three
As much as Jesus ministered, taught by example and discipled the 12 life-to-life, He would still bring to the place of prayer the three, there is a realm of glory, dedication and sacrifice not meant for the multitude, seventy or the 12 cannot all enter into, perhaps they all might not be ready for it at once, but for whatever reason, the Master knew all things well necessary to the task at hand and so he will bring only the 3 at this point

Jesus and the Father
Jesus had the multitude always seeking him yet he craved for the place of solitude. This was the secret place, where he will commune with the Father, it is not a place for the multitude, the seventy or the twelve and not even the three or John the beloved. It is a place of union and close fellowship with the Father.  This is the greatest point where God is calling everyone to in our personal walk with Him and this where Jesus wants to bring us to in life...

Every individual, institution or organization will always need to define roles and levels of relationship every time.

Let's keep walking with Jesus, it's an adventure of a life-time.

Emmanuel AYENI

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