Saturday, September 13, 2014



It's been a great day and today on the second day of these 30 days of Gratitude, I appreciate God for Opportunities.
Someone once said that luck is when preparation meets Opportuniy. So I am grateful to have been in the right place at the right time and to have met the right people when it matters a lot.

Opportunity at life

I am grateful for the very oppprtunity to live, the opportunity of being alive. It's an opportunity to have had wonderful parents who kept our foetus. According to an Aljazeera article in Nigeria where abortion isn't legal about 760,000 abortions still occur every year while in the United States, over 56 million unborn babies have been lost to abortion from 1973 when abortion was legalized . I recognize i had no power of choice in choosing my birth or birth conditions. So this is a great opportunity I will be forever grateful to God for.

There are a lot more other opportunites for which I am grateful; the Opportunity to learn and to earn,Opportunity to write, blog and inspire lives to greatness.

I am greatful for the Unique business opportunity called A2W which I drive passionately to help people create passive income and live their dreams.
I am grateful for the opportunity to love and be loved...

And the list is indeed endless.

I am indeed blessed!