Friday, September 30, 2016


Lessons from a missing ticket.
I have learnt to always keep my tickets till the destination. It happened that I learnt my lessons some years ago while on-board the old and regular BRT (Lagos,city) bus, the Ticketer approached me as we got to a new station and all I could to do was plead because I unsuspectingly had thrown away my ticket... At that time, I surely was just like anyone who got on-board for free, tagging along without  any tickets. My only excuse-I threw away my ticket just before I got to the destination!
So recently, especially as I wrote this on-board one of the fanciful new commercial blue buses in Lagos- those new buses that are known for their cool Air-conditioning and the colorful lights, I sat on-board and thought on different things from work, to career and then politics and Nigeria's transportation system, why we should have more of these on our roads against the old dirty yellow buses… The Ticketer approached from the distance doing a final mind flashed between the thoughts of what to say if I couldn't find my ticket and I was also blaming myself for not learning my lessons enough to have thrown away the ticket, this time, the last thing I remembered about my ticket was ruffling it as I got it...I set down the book I was reading , it was something on Personal Finance: How To Make Your First Million by Albert O. Aina, a turn off I guess for some folks but I have learnt to go for anything on the subjects of business, Wealth and Success...After all , I wasn’t taught a class  in any of these in the  wonderful 5 years I studied Engineering  at the University… nobody was taught much, if at all about money  within the four walls of the University while I was there, even recently, the curriculum hasn't changed yet,...
 I woke up from reading ,dreaming and thinking and reached into my pocket as the Ticketer stopped in my front waiting for my bus ticket..
And there in my wallet was the crinkled  ticket  which showed that I paid my fare and I should be allowed to the destination.
I sat back and then I felt the need to share, to blog this and take this as a lesson in success, goal setting and life's journey.
We are constantly on a journey in life and no matter our destination-  success, wealth, fame or true greatness,  there is always a ticket that permits our thoroughfare..
It is easy to lose the ticket, to lose,  roughen, ruffle it or throw it away especially if it is a long trip and believe me, it usually is a long journey to anything worthwhile , even Nelson Mandela’s  book title describes it as  a Long Walk To Freedom..
No matter where you are heading, keep your dreams. Your Dream is your ticket anywhere you would rather be, and like your  ticket, it validates your reasons to be on-board the bus heading to your  great  destination and with God's grace, we will arrive safely.

Enjoy your Journey to Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni

Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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To your outstanding greatness!

Emmanuel AYENI

Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
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Emmanuel Ayeni
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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