Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today’s piece is an important coaching session. As a Life-Coach, I have been opportuned to meet and in other cases listen or read the works of great Life-Coaches, Peak Performance Coaches, and Financial/Productivity Coach of our time and in some cases too Sports and Fitness Coaches. I personally think the greatest privilege I have is to be mentored by the greatest Coach of all time or of all the world, He is the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of God and I call him the greatest coach in the world, I regard Him as my Senior Partner my Teacher or Counselor, just in consonance with The Book He wrote millenniums ago- The BIBLE.
One important lesson I learnt from my greatest Coach,is Taking the Back of the crowd!  This is an important lesson I will share with any client above all others, be it in Business, Games of Tennis, Golf, on the race track or even in fitness and Life! It does not connote hoodwinking or doing things through the back door. But as I will describe, it pays attention to Focus and the value of Preparation in boosting performance, Productivity or Results achieved.
Allow me to illustrate with a field or stadium full of crowd and spectators waiting to watch a match, race or performance. But a prepared Coach asks the athlete to run the race of his life all behind the crowd, round the tracks just by the back of the watching spectators. The race usually is run and even won before the crowd- the spectators, but the preparation is done without them. I mean at the back of the crowd.

Take the back of the crowd when you can, it is a great lesson in preparation for the race and requirement for a winning race before the crowd. The battle field isn’t the perfect place for training a soldier. Preparation is a vital trait for super-achievers.
Talk about the high performers of any field, Tiger wood, Husain Bolts, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Chritiano Ronaldo, Mozart, Picasso, Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc.   They learnt to master their game by preparation and focus away from the sights and sounds of the cheering crowd or marketplace as the case may be. They first of all took the back of the crowd. They performed for the crowd that wasn’t there, they served their gifts, their talents and ran their race in the empty fields, gym or stadium or studio without accolades from anyone.
This people built their inner motivation, and some still do, they treasured every moment without the crowd in view, like it really mattered and yes! It really does! And Taking the Back of the crowd, prepared them for Peak performance and great feat any given time, even in front of the not so cheering crowd! Never stop practicing your art.

Step up to Greatness!
Emmanuel Ayeni
Your Billionaire Coach!


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