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The Subconscious Mind...Who are you listening to

The Subconscious Mind...Who are you listening to

It was many years ago as an undergraduate,perhaps in my second or third year. I was on the old basketball court overlooking the popular MKO Lecture theater at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology ( LAUTECH) , It was the times I played basketball during the weekends just before school work got so rigorous...
The coach was around that early Saturday morning and we were divided into groups for the drill, the task was to charge the player in the opposing team, to outrun,or beat him to picking the ball from the center of the court.
We were both at equal distance from the ball and were meant to run off at the coach's blowing of the whistle...my heart pounded, I could hear my heartbeats like a doctor using a stethoscope...
I looked across at my opponent, he was a 'big man'.. physically more built, stronger and taller than I was, my heart shrank... a thousand thoughts raced through my mind in those few seconds before the whistle blew; thoughts of not being able to outwit ,or outrun him...but then I pull in the guru within and switched to the possibility channel but those two channels seemed to battle for airtime simultaneously ..
I reminded myself how none of us -my opponent and I , had ever been in this moment in time before now,even his many games would not matter to me right now at this very second and I was just not going to defeat myself before the game. We both had equal chances, I was going to play to win, above all I was going to enjoy this drill.
'Phew!' the whistle went off and we both ran towards the ball and engaged in a tussle, as it appeared we both reached and touched the ball at the same time,then...there was just this split second, when there seemed to be so much time within a second, I decided the ball was mine,even when it seemed I was losing my grip on the ball, I held it more and pulled it out tightly ,running back with all the energy I had- and I have so much of it with lots of confidence. Then, I began to hear the cheering and the applause from other players, I had the ball at last.
It was just a drill, but to me, I was so much glad i did not entertain the thoughts or doubts at the crucial seconds that mattered most.
Often times we allow past experiences, wrong opinions, negativity to weigh us down, we give them the power to stop us or pull us down, this should not be so, rather we need to look for a million reasons to believe in ourselves and even if we find none ( but if you look deep enough you will find many), you need to just believe in You,be your own number one fan and cheer leader.
We need to always program our subconscious mind with lots of positive and motivational contents.
I use affirmations of great things family, friends, or relatives have said to me or concerning me, most importantly I confess and repeat what God has said concerning me in the scriptures. By constantly affirming, meditating, visualizing pictures of success and replaying memories of past successes, I deliberately change my state and love myself more, just the way I am.
I like to know how you listen to or use your subconscious to change your own experiences?
Emmanuel O. Ayeni
Life coach and Inspirational speaker

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