Friday, September 1, 2017

My New Month Gift To You! Download Now… FREE TODAY! FEE TOMORROW…

My New Month Gift To You! Download Now… FREE TODAY! FEE TOMORROW…
"What I'm really advocating here is an openness to new experience. The more things that you're capable of doing, the more things that you're willing to do, the happier your life is going to be, the more fulfilled you'll be, and the more you'll be fulfilling the purpose that you're here for in the first place."- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Erroneous Zones.
 It’s a brand new month a brand new day!  I wish you a happy new month… and happy Holidays to our Muslim friends
However, this is still Week 35!   I am happy to wish you a wonderful new month…
I pray for you for a harvest of new things! May the LORD keep you and yours.
May this new month be a great one for you, family and your work, may a new you arise with your dreams coming true.
If we have to really experience more, we indeed have to become more and do more.
We cannot have more until we have done more and the easiest way to do more is to become more.
To become more we must be open to new experiences through learning, internalizing knowledge and implementing all learnt. This is the path of wisdom.
When we ask the right questions we will indeed get the right answers. We must constantly be open to doing what we have not done before and going where we have never gone before.
Two weeks ago I began to work on publishing an e-book and making it ready on Amazon.
This e-book was also published on amazon on Wednesday; it might take a couple of hours more for it to be released to amazon Kindle store.
I have the eBook ready now…It is ready for free download today; it’s my new month gift to you. It is FREE today and after today it will sell for a pocket friendly FEE of just #1900 that’s a measly fee for everyone to have it on any device in Printable Digital Format (PDF).
A couple of years ago, I began to read one chapter of the Book of  Proverbs almost every day, with that, I read Proverbs through once every month , I did this for almost every month and each time I did, I was amazed by such Wisdom. I found fresh insights for life and living.
Echoes of Wisdom distills lessons and principles from those periods of study.
Wisdom is the greatest key that opens the doors of great treasures... It is the key that unlocks other doors.
It is therefore on the path of wisdom to pay a premium on acquiring wisdom in any undertaking and in the pursuit of any endeavor.
These wisdom treasures will enrich your life and mind with clarity and insight in every endeavor.
I wrote Echoes of Wisdom to empower and inspire your rise to greatness. It is my love gift to you.
I hope you avail yourself of the opportunity to download it FREE today right away here and here , kindly message me immediately if you have any issues downloading it from the link or alternatively you can do a quick sign up here for a free copy for today only
Tomorrow! Echoes of Wisdom Ebook will sell for just #1900 here and on amazon for about $7.99
This month endeavor to know more and do more.
May God keep us all this month and make all our dreams find fulfillment!
Keep rising to Greatness!
Emmanuel Ayeni

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