Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It's a great day! Another opportunity to be grateful for life and all the  wonders it entails.
Today is yours; own it
Now is your time seize it.
Your best years are yet ahead but in this very day lies the key to accessing it.
You are a champion never succumb to FEAR. Fear and failure are two inseparable twins; they walk side by side.Many have been stopped by the duo on their tracks to SUCCESS; but this won't be you! You are unstoppable! Now is your time to shine!
You are upward bound. Your bones cannot be broken by the words of the critics, the mockers, doubters and even naysayers stand no chance with you.
You are an icon not a worm; you are an Eagle and not a grasshopper. You will rise on the LIGHT of the morning; You will soar on the wings of LOVE!
Love in in its purest form is the greatest POWER in the world, it trumps Fear any day and replaces it with the energetic substance called FAITH. Faith is the source of all  things. It is the very energy that links all lives to the Source.
You are a limit breaker; you have the powers of the world to come and you will take off on the wings of Love and soar to great attitudes where you will  shine with great intensity! An intensity that lightens up every darkness of doubts and inspires faith in the world.
This is your story; your reality and who you have become. It's God's Master plan for you!


Emmanuel Ayeni

Your billion-dollar friend

(C) January 2015,Emmanuel Ayenu