Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Are You Asking The Right Questions..? ( By Dr Mike Murdock…)

The Most Powerful Thing On Earth Is...A Question.
Questions reveal focus. Questions reveal who is important to you. Questions reveal who you are important to. Questions open the door for conversation with those you cherish and care about. Questions are the beginning of discoveries in life. Questions introduce you to answers.
The Difference In Seasons Is The Questions You Are Willing To Ask.

7 Question You Should Ask Yourself

1. Whose Joy Really Matters Most To You? Discern whose joy matters and what investment you are making for their long-term comfort and success. The Greatest need in your life is to bring joy to somebody.
2. Who Around You Tries The Hardest To Please You And Carry Out Your Instructions? There are people who want you to be happy without making any contribution toward your happiness. Celebrate those who have a passion to please you and carry out your instructions.
3. What Opportunities Have You Exhausted To Solve Problems Around You Through Your Gifts? Have you scrutinized your immediate environment for problems you can solve? There may be opportunities you overlooked. Inventory your environment. Where do you see an open door? Seize it. Pursue it.
4. How Do You Reward Loyalty...Caring...And Obedience? Kings document deeds. Kings are rewarders of people who bring them joy and good experiences. Do you remember the king who could not sleep one night? He reviewed the book of deeds and noticed that Mordecai had never been rewarded for his loyalty. (See Esther 6.)
5. What Have You Decided Should Be The Legacy of Your Life? Write down your legacy in a single sentence. What imprint do you desire to leave on the earth? By whom do you want to be remembered?
6. Who Finds It Easy To Learn From You? Who learns from you? These are your protégés. You can have 5 kids but only one of them learns from you. Define and identify who has the ability to receive from you. The hardest, shocking thing in your life is to find that someone you love does not receive from you.
7. How Do You Personally Build Your Self-Confidence? Self-confidence is faith in your Difference. Self-confidence is the inner persuasion that you can accomplish the goals you have established. Self-confidence births an aura of enthusiasm, hope and expectation. Your self-confidence will demoralize your adversaries, attract right people into your life and determine your level of success.
I challenge you to repeatedly interrogate yourself with these 7 questions. Your life will radically change within 7 days..!
- #DrMikeMurdock
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